Sunday, March 8, 2009


So continuing on with the online crop, I decided to venture into beading, thanks to a member who makes the most amazing cards and layouts using beadwork. Okay so I am cursing her because...whew......what a lotta work!! I hand drew the badge (what exactly do you call these shapes?) which took me forever to get the right shape. Then, I hand punched the holes allllll around it, then I hand beaded. That alone took me 2 hours and had me up way too late last night. I couldn't find a needle that would fit into the beads so I had to do it all by hand! I got that much done last night but when I started to put the ribbon on this morning, I realized that I wanted it under the beads so I had to redo part of it.... Did I mention this is a lot of work?? I don't think you can see the title up along the left side of the photo, I was trying to make it very unnoticeable but I think it is hard to see...It is called All I Ever Wanted. I found the perfect quote to put on it but just couldn't find a spot for it. I think this one is going to be framed and hung...

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