Monday, January 28, 2013

CHA Recap

So...just when I decide to get back into blogging, I go and get sick :(
And thanks Sarah for the nice comment ...we need to have a mom's morning out!

So CHA was...well...fantastic.  No other way to put it.  The inspiration was AMAZING.  New products, new twists on old products, and the projects that the companies had in their booths made me want to come home and create like crazy!  
Here are some of my favourite goodies (and apologies if I don't remember which company or who made it as I took over 400 pictures!)

 Tim Holtz's new configuration book... with a cover......ooohhh the things you could do with it!

 A display in the Ideaology booth - love the hearts!

 Tim's new alarm clock - it comes empty...

 This project in the Prima booth simply stunned me.  STUNNED me!  Check out below for the full picture!

 Wow hey?  If you know who made it, please share with me!

 Another one that I don't know who made it but I loved the mixed media intertwined with the layout!

 A gorgeous and unique travel layout...and I can't remember who by :(

Prima again - the layering on this was amazing!  Click on it so you can get a nice close look!

 Inside Dyan Reaveley's art journal - she was a delight to talk with.  She was so very modest and open and...refreshing!  A great inspiration!

 Can you imagine CHA without him?  Tim was always surrounded by hordes of women...and was gracious to even the pushy ones!

 The new Distress Paints in action  - honestly, the product development  people at Ranger are amazing...because this paint is unlike anything I have ever seen before!

 Gorgeous clock on display at the Graphic 45 booth using their new Secret Garden line.

 Cute little car in the Graphic 45 booth with their new French Connection line.

 Sadly, I don't remember who made this canvas but the textures we so fantastic!

 A tag in the Stamper's Anonymous booth - a friend gave me a great idea yesterday to create this as the cover of my art journal!  Stay tuned...

 I just loved this canvas by Kate Crane for the Ranger challenge - check out her blog to see her creative process!

 Wendy Vecchi's Art Parts - with her fancy gold embossing paste and that brick stencil - LOVE!

And...drum roll please....

Well, I was so honestly dumbfounded...that I didn't take a picture!!!!!!!!!  But, I did rush home and talk my boss into placing a big order!!!!!!!!  I can't wait to play!!!!!!!
So for now, a video borrowed from blog world will have to do :)

ACK!!!!! Don't you love it?!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A New Year

Hi!  Remember me?  If anyone is still out there??

Soooooooooooo.... a new year, a new me, and back to blogging....which I always loved.  But somehow fell out of love with.... and so now I am feeling inspired and ready to be back in it.... Hopefully some of you are still out there :

What's new.... welllll.... I am still crafting, still teaching and still loving it.  I actually had the opportunity to go to CHA last week and ......... WOW!!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow I will post some of my favourite pictures from the event - and maybe some of my past class stuff. 

Tonight I plan on finishing up two canvases I have been working on.  It has been snowing all day and is cold and windy - a perfect night for crafting!

If you're still here, or even new here, please leave me a comment ... it's always nice to know I'm not talking to myself!