Monday, June 28, 2010

Sketch of the Week June 28-July 4

So I decided to do up a sketch this week mixing up old and new - vintage with funky.... I found a link to some amazingly beautiful vintage papers that are printable and I am feeling inspired by them - check them out here VINTAGE PAPERS aren't they beautiful?!!!
I am only doing a quick post today as we have a grade 1 year end party to attend today, a playgroup party to attend tomorrow and then our own little "It's the beginning of summer" party on Wednesday!!! I think I am more excited than my kids that school is out for the summer!!!
I am really hoping to get back to some scrapping as it feels like it has been way too long - let's hope this sketch inspires me too!! Have a marvelous Monday! Check back tomorrow for some cool links that I have been meaning to share!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Faves

Hope you enjoy!

Ahhh...welcome to Beautiful BC (why thank you mr. heron)

My not so little 5 year old ... who normally doesn't sit so nice for the camera.

This bench on the seawall in Vancouver stopped me in my tracks. While everyone else was walking and not being so happy about the rain, I was thrilled...and barefoot...and loving every second of it. And then I saw the bench (and think that the lady that was sitting on it may have thought I was a little off my rocker)

One of the best parts about having some time to myself...getting the time to take pictures of nature until I finally got "the" shot.

Some of the amazing fruit at Granville Island - a feast for my eyes!

Hello Birdee!! Stay tuned for a layout to come with this little pic!

A little sparrow who befriended me (I think he only wanted me for my donair but I was okay with that)

My handsome S - who only has 2 days left of grade 1...and has had a great year. He has mastered French, reading and math; riding without training wheels; and is a very kind-hearted loving boy. I am really looking forward to spending more time with him over summer break as Mommy really misses him when he is at school every day!

My newest accessory......isn't it purty?!!!

DayhomeH and miss D in their new matching dresses....which somehow made them the snuggliest of friends!

Watching the boys run off...and still being snuggly friends.

And lastly, some cool shots taken at the spray park today...taking the time to play with the settings on the camera for a change!

Have yourselves a great weekend!!

I Need a Kick in the Pants.....

To get back on the bloggy/scrappy train!

So much to do.......and somehow the blog gets to the bottom of the list :( And scrap...what is that again?? I feel like I haven't scrapped in ages and I miss it. I am hoping to do some this weekend so keep your fingers crossed!

And the blog...well, it was driving me crazy how the last template I installed wasn't working for everyone and so I avoided it...because I am an avoider....that's what I do!

So, after playing around yesterday, I ended up installing two different templates at the same time and ended up with this look - which I am kinda enjoying!

Things that I have been meaning to blog about and just haven't:

1. Went to Vancouver and took the Copic Course - what a fun day and I learned so much that I cannot wait to teach the classes! Note the pretty little new Copic Certified box that I can now keep up on the blog! I have to say that Sherrie Siemens was a great teacher - there is talk of an advanced Copic class and I am really hoping that she will offer it!

2. Went to Vancouver and simply had an amazing 4 days - time to myself, time with an amazing friend and his family, time with nature and ..........just a perfect weekend. I cannot wait to go home again this summer - the count is on!!

3. Had a friend suffer a tragic loss and watched in amazement to see what an incredibly strong woman she is - I was so thankful to know that her faith in God is helping her through this incredibly tough time.

4. I am trying to get some more camera time in - I seem to have been neglecting it lately but Vancouver gave me the time to really focus on me and it reminded me how much I love taking pictures. I got some great ones of my daughter and dayhome girl in their cute matching dresses as well as some really pretty nature ones in Vancouver so I will probably post them later.

5. School is almost done here for the year - only two more days!! (yes, we have to go back next week and do Monday and Tuesday...dumb!) G finished up playschool last week - we had a carnival on Thursday and then one of the moms invited us all over (yes, all 14 kids + their siblings + their mommies and one really brave dad! + the world's most amazing 4 year old playschool teacher!!..well she's not 4...but she teaches the 4 year old class...just needed to clarify that!) and we had an amazing afternoon. It really feels nice to have things slowing down a bit for the summer.... I love not having to rush around so much! Plus the exciting news that all 3 of my kids plus my one dayhome child will be in summer camp at the same time which leaves me with.......wait for it......... AN ENTIRE WEEK OF AFTERNOONS TO MYSELF!!!!!! One could get used to this alone time thing!!

6. I am ever so thankful for my Monday morning coffee ladies - it is a great way to start off my week and I enjoy each of them so very much. A true blessing :) I think we are all so very different in many ways but find that I learn so much from each of them. Looking forward to Tuesday morning park dates with them this summer!

7. And last but definitely not the least.......the winner of the scrappy contest that I posted. So four lovely ladies played along...... thanks Tammy, Marie, Pam and Dana! And the winner is......
Congrats Dana!!! I have sooooo many things that need to be sent out that way so I am vowing to have it done by Monday! Pinky Swear!

And that is it for now - I am going to post some pics later on tonight. Hope you come back and check it out!