Friday, June 25, 2010

Some Faves

Hope you enjoy!

Ahhh...welcome to Beautiful BC (why thank you mr. heron)

My not so little 5 year old ... who normally doesn't sit so nice for the camera.

This bench on the seawall in Vancouver stopped me in my tracks. While everyone else was walking and not being so happy about the rain, I was thrilled...and barefoot...and loving every second of it. And then I saw the bench (and think that the lady that was sitting on it may have thought I was a little off my rocker)

One of the best parts about having some time to myself...getting the time to take pictures of nature until I finally got "the" shot.

Some of the amazing fruit at Granville Island - a feast for my eyes!

Hello Birdee!! Stay tuned for a layout to come with this little pic!

A little sparrow who befriended me (I think he only wanted me for my donair but I was okay with that)

My handsome S - who only has 2 days left of grade 1...and has had a great year. He has mastered French, reading and math; riding without training wheels; and is a very kind-hearted loving boy. I am really looking forward to spending more time with him over summer break as Mommy really misses him when he is at school every day!

My newest accessory......isn't it purty?!!!

DayhomeH and miss D in their new matching dresses....which somehow made them the snuggliest of friends!

Watching the boys run off...and still being snuggly friends.

And lastly, some cool shots taken at the spray park today...taking the time to play with the settings on the camera for a change!

Have yourselves a great weekend!!

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