Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh the Fun....

Um... not really....
My oldest son was just not himself on Friday. He actually had asked not to go to school but when I reminded him it was his Winter Carnaval, he quickly changed his mind. We went out for McDonald's lunch and he had no desire to play with the other kids and when he actually decided not to eat a single thing, I knew I was in trouble.... Friday night turned into a night of really high temperatures and my son was just not himself.

Saturday morning I thought I would take him in to the medi-centre as I figured the temperature was probably an indicator of an ear infection. The no-nonsense doctor quickly diagnosed strep throat, 2 ear infections, and......a rash.......

A rash?! I had no idea!! Bad mom moment..... The doctor then informs me that it is Scarlet Fever :0 My mind instantly flashes back to the scene in Little Women when the sister dies of that....panic moment!!!! I have so much going on this week - lots of dayhome stuff and trying to plan for Spring Break coming up......... ackkkkkkkkkkkk! The doctor was so amazing though - in her no- nonsense manner, she explained to me that it was just a rash caused by the high fever of the strep... nothing to panic over but definitely contagious. Crap......

I think she saw the look on my face because she suggested going back and grabbing my other kids so she could swab their throats and have them tested so we didn't have to come back in - brilliant! So, I head out of the extremely crowded waiting room, run home and grab the other two. My youngest decides to play along for fun when I tell her I am taking her to the doctor, she grabs her tummy and starts repeating "ohhhhh, I sik!" Seriously, no prompting at all!

Back into the medicentre where the friendly nurse takes us straight into a room and no-nonsense doctor comes back in and inspects all ears and throats available. Turns out daughter also has infected ears so I get another prescription to add to the collection. I think I have discovered that the trick to getting out of that long wait at the medicentre is to merely look panicked!

So it has been a weekend of lots of Tylenol, cuddles, naps and movies. Not a lot of food and a timer going off to remind us all to wash our hands every hour. I am normally not a germophobe but I am determined to get rid of this bug without everyone else catching it!

So I now sit here wondering if it is nerdy to make that no-nonsense doctor a thank you card? Do I make it funny, flowery, plain.... I need some sort of idea to stike me in my sleep.... Gimme some ideas please?!


  1. I don't think it's nerdy at ALL to make a thank-you card. I'm sure the doc would appreciate it (I'm guessing she doesn't get them very often). If I was doing it, I would lean towards funny, but that's just me. :)

    I hope the kidlets are feeling better soon!

  2. I would TOTALLY make the no-nonsense, Angel-of-a-Dr. a card too. What a gem to have checked all of your children and help save you some time, tears and stress. Since you descibe her as no-nonsense, I am betting a touchy feely card wouldn't be her style. I'd do a funny one too.

    I hope you all are healthy, happy and heal quickly. Sorry your week was so stressful prior to the retreat. I hope you have a safe journey. I was REALLY happy to meet you this weekend and you have NO IDEA how thrilled I was that you chose my LO for your challenge at APOS.

    Take care! :)