Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Masking With Glitter

Technique Tuesday on Wednesday yet again! I had this all done but just didn't seem to find the time to load it up .... losing your debit card suddenly frees up allllll kinda time! Anyways...where was I??!! Oh right...techniques....

So I originally set out to do a post on masking. I have learned some cool stuff with masking but as I sat down to do it last night, I had just bought a new tray to put all my glitter and embossing powders in, and there it sat.... and it suddenly started screaming at me to use it! So, I played around and came up with these!!
When I was done, I discovered that the Glitter Fairy had exploded in my house but I was pretty happy with the results! is my technique for Masking With Glitter!

1. Tape a piece of wax paper to cardstock and cut out various shapes using your punches. I tried to cut out just the wax paper but it was too flimsy so I decided to put the cardstock behind it and voila!
2. Using double sided tape, cover white cardstock with it. Try not to touch the tape as it will lose its stickiness and the glitter will not stick where you have touched it. You may need to push firmly on the tape to make sure it is stuck - you can do this by putting a piece of wax paper over the whole thing and pushing on it.
3. Place your wax paper shapes randomly over the sticky tape. Use tweezers if you need to so you keep your greasy paws off the tape! Once you have them all down, pour your "basecoat glitter" over it. Shake off the excess.
4. Peel off a few of the wax paper shapes and pour your next colour of glitter over the cardstock. Tap off the excess. Remove more shapes and pour your next colour over cardstock. You can use as many colours as you want but I did remember after doing this one very important lesson.... When I first started stamping, my instructor Tanya (hey, I wonder if she has a blog?!) always told us to START with the darkest colours first..... Definitely good to do when you are using this technique. The second card is not as clear as I would like because I forgot this rule!
5. Once you are done, give your cardstock a good flick (on the back!!) and get rid of the excess glitter. Starting at the darkest colour, rub your finger in a circular motion to "set" the glitter. Make sure you clean off between colours :)

You can also do this by using stamped images - simply stamp on your wax paper with Staz-On Ink (my daughter's personal favourite!!!) and cut out the shapes. To save time, fold your wax paper several times and cut out lots at the same time!
And since we're on the topic of Staz-On, that little plastic thingy inside drives me crazy....You aren't supposed to throw it away but it is a pain to have to take it off all the time and then try to find it in my scrappy mess to put it away. Throw a popdot on the ridge across the top of it and smoosh (very technical term) your lid back on and easy peasy, lid is never lost again!

And that is my new masking technique! You could also do this with flock (if you didn't hoard it like I do) or even micro beads!!! I stamped the THANK YOU on the second card with my glue pad and used the same glitter as the flowers .... cause I'm a matchy-matchy kinda gal! I would love to see any creations you come up with! Have yourself a fantabulous week!


  1. I love it! I will give it a try - maybe a little later this week...when I am feeling brave enough to bust out the glitter!!

  2. Really nice. Don't know if I have the courage to get into this stuff, but I love the effect.

  3. These are gorgeous! I never seem to get that even a coverage. I'll have to try your tips.