Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Makes Me Happy Wednesday

Hello blog readers ... if you are still around, thanks so much! It has been a busy week around here... but no better day than today to make a "what makes me happy" post!

1. First off.... THIS makes me OH SO HAPPY!

This would be my Vancouver Canucks celebrating a goal... it is not the game-winning goal in double overtime last night that had me bawling like a baby (in happiness) but alas, it is celebrating a goal! Because I AM A CANUCKS FAN! I have been for as long as I can remember - and to be going to play for this

Makes me BEYOND happy!!! Go Canucks Go!

2. I am from Vancouver Island - and when people hear that, the first thing that I usually hear about is the rain. But believe it or not, I love the rain.... and miss it immensely! The only thing better than a good rainstorm is one that has lots of thunder and lightening to go with it!

3. New Tea - if I am having a quiet and gloomy day, I love treating myself to some new tea that I have never tried before. A good day is spent cuddled up with the kids and new tea :)

4. Hot showers - I love making the shower so hot that I have to work myself into it! And once in a while I treat myself and stay in that burning hot shower until the hot water tank empties itself! Now if only I had that fabulous rain showerhead to go with it!

5. And you, Trevor Linden... you still make me happy! I'm not sure what made me cry harder - when you were traded from Vancouver in 98 or when you retired in 08. You were an amazing leader, team player and humanitarian - an inspiration to many. And now that the Canucks are headed to the Cup finals, I wonder where you are and if you are as glued to the tv as I am!

I would post more but need to get my butt in gear for a Copic class this evening... thank goodness the Canucks have the night off! Have a great week everyone!

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