Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Few Confessions

Okay so I started doing a post on paint and then remembered that I needed to spill a few today you will have to endure one of those rambling posts, my apologies in advance.

2 nights ago, I ran to the grocery store and happened to pick up a scrappy mag. I love my scrappy mags - I hate that they are expensive but I do love them. I love looking at new trends and ideas and ...just everything. I bought this one as it was titled "Play with Photos" which is one of my new fave things to do. So I rush home and sit down in the comfy chair, excited to read it.

However, upon closer inspection, I realize that it is a Simple Scrapbook magazine and I am not too happy with myself.... For those of you that don't know, Simple has ceased publication due to economic difficulties. While I understand the nature of the business, I have been reading from sooo many scrappers out there how CK Media (the big daddy that owns SS) hasn't paid many of them and it frustrates me..... So now onto my first confession....

I have blogged before about Lain Ehmann - I have read her blog for a long time and didn't actually realize (duh!) that she worked for SS until she posted that she had lost her job. I Love Lain - that is my big confession. She doesn't know it yet, but she is my new "bestie" (I am now going to try to play down my "stalking" role). She writes on her blog and I read it several times, she podcasts and I feel like we know each other, I leave her a comment and she will often take the time to send me a quick email back, and one day (GASP) she even left a comment on my blog. I was sad that SS shut down, sad for Lain and sad for the scrapping community...but then I got angry when Lain (and many other scrappers) started cancelling their appearances due to SS not paying them :( I have yet to buy Lain's book "Snippets" because I think that money may go back to SS and that ticks me off even more! I think my bestie should just come visit up here and leave all her troubles behind (wink, wink, nudge, nudge), too bad she is moving soon :(

So back to my magazine rant.... so since SS had shut down, it really annoyed me to see them promoting a freakin "who's the funnest scrapper" contest because I truly wonder if they will honor the winner. Here comes confession number 2.... And wanna know what else annoys me? GRAMMAR...... seriously, I cannot stand poor grammar!!! Funnest is NOT a word people!

And (uh oh I can feel the steam building...) SS shuts down and do all the editors stop doing their job and hang out at their desks surfing the net? Do you not think that they would take at least some pride in making their last few issues?? I'm thinking not...because have a gander at 2 of the layouts in this magazine:
Can you see the mistakes?!!! While they are both lovely layouts, would you not hope that whoever is in charge of publishing them would take the time to either change the spelling errors themselves or ask the sender to fix them and re-take the picture...would that be so hard? Now trust me, I have learned that we all make mistakes and sometimes a mistake in scrapping will totally help a layout but in my honest opinion, this just didn't help....not one little bit. I think that the scrappers who did the job also wish someone would have told them...I know I certainly would!

So my rant now comes to an that off my chest......... I am off to see if Lain has blogged something new for me today.... Have a great day!!


  1. you go, girl!
    And if you want to buy a copyof Snippets right from me, I guarantee they won't see a penny. ;) I'll even sign it, "to my BFF!"

  2. Hey Icecheeks! I have to apologize in advance, my Auburn Degree is useless when it comes to Grammar...I stink at it. LOL! I thank God for spell check and other people to proof my stuff! So please forgive all my grammar errors for now and ever more. Have a good day and thanks for being my new blog friend. Very exciting!!!

  3. You go girl! I hear you on published spelling errors- I mean COME ON!


  4. Oh Lain you are opening a whole can of worms with the BFF!!! No really!lol

    Great rant, and I mean seriously when you are paying 10 bucks for a mag the least you could expect is accurate spelling!!! Alissa

  5. OMGosh! That was SO funny! TY for the giggles first thing in the AM. I needed that!
    Cindy S. :)