Friday, April 17, 2009


  1. Tim Horton's - XL half English Toffee, half coffee (and my kids can recite it every time we pull up to the drive thru!)
  2. Blogs - I just can't get enough and I'm sure this doesn't surprise any of you
  3. A new show called Taking the Stage (it's just like watching Fame all over again but in real life) - especially Mia Carruthers...she has a freakishly beautiful voice.
  4. That's Not My Name - by the Ting Tings.......seriously addicted
  5. Lost - I wonder if I will ever figure this show out. It comes on Wednesday nights at 9...but that is the previous weeks episode and then the new one comes on at 10 and I usually watch both of them so I technically watch each episode twice. I usually can't watch a rerun so this is a serious obsession!
  6. Bagels with raspberry jam and cheddar cheese - don't knock it till you try it!
  7. Chelsea Lately - she's not on til midnight but I have a hard time not staying up to watch her - dang is she funny!
  8. HGTV - has become my new go-to channel (you know the one you switch to whenever there is a commercial?)
  9. NHL Playoffs - GO CANUCKS GO!!!
  10. Candy Cane Dark Chocolate Bark - from Tim Horton's's left from Christmas so you think they would put it on sale...but it isn't....but yet I still buy it.... and I hate sharing it!
Stay tuned for my scrappy obsessions!

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