Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Daughter the Crafter

Oh how my daughter wants to craft....At just over 2, she loves to wander in and out of my room and play with my craft stuff, always asking "me caft Momma?" Most often if I give her a pen and some paper, she is happy to sit on the floor beside me and "cawa" but sometimes she likes to get into stuff she shouldn't all by herself. And unfortunately, this is exactly what happened on Thursday.... I was downstairs making lunch for the 7 kidlets that were in my house (who were all happily in the living room, minus miss craftypants) when I heard the 7 year old gasp "UH-OH" These are truly dreaded words...It usually takes me a bit to get up the courage to investigate but there was no need as when I turned around to go find the trouble, instead TROUBLE was staring up at me, knowing she was in BIG trouble!! When I first glanced at her, I thought a pen had exploded and my first worry was the carpet....however when I made it upstairs (with her following behind me exclaiming "I did it Momma, I caft!!") the first thing I noticed were 3 lovely shades of Staz-On that were open and laying on the carpet.... You see my crafty 2 year old had found Momma's stash of Staz-On Ink... you know the incredible ink that STAYS ON?!!!! Yeah....and I always said that I loved the smell of Staz-On, it smells like maraschino cherries to me...and apparently she liked the smell as well as she needed to be much closer to it, as you can tell by the pictures! So let this be a lesson to all you fellow Staz-On owners...... HIDE IT NOW WHILE YOU CAN!!!

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