Friday, January 2, 2009

Crop Circle

I feel very blessed to have been chosen as part of the design team for A PILE OF SCRAP! If you head on over to our forums at you can meet a bunch of very talented, and incredibly friendly women who also love to chat about scrapbooking. We do a monthly online crop called CROP CIRCLES and they are very fun. This month, the 5 challenges were
1. do a LO with a self-portrait
2. do a LO using arrows
3. do a LO using scalloped edges
4. do a LO using altered photographs
5. do a LO using stitching
I had so much fun doing them and these are the LOs I created.

Here are my layouts! If you click on them, you can see them even bigger :)

First one - this is so outside of my box it's not even funny! This includes the arrows, stitching, altering pictures (sanded, painted and stamped on)and self-portrait (of my hands because I detest having my picture taken!) This also has an acrylic piece with the alcohol ink technique that I just discovered and is so amazing! I wish the colours would show a little better as they are so vibrant and pretty. This is the first page I have ever done of something other than my kids, the second time I have ever doodled on a page, and the second time I have ever hand-written on a page!

Second one - is of my handsome son on his first day of school. This is the layout with the scallops. This also includes more of the alcohol ink technique. Also a little out of my comfort zone as I am usually a very linear scrapper! I think I have 3 centering rulers...just in case!!

Hope you join us on the boards for more of the fun!

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