Thursday, June 4, 2009


Poor old blog, do you remember me? Life has gotten a little hectic around here so I have decided to make a bit of time to update - 6 kids are happily stuffing chicken nuggets and tater tots into their mouths and I am quickly trying to update my sad and neglected blog!

Some exciting news around here....where to start....

First off, I am officially working at my local LSS - Creative Scrapbooks!! This job works out perfectly for me as I can do it on my own time and can even do some of it from home! Not doing a whole lot just yet but did get my very first kit done and am looking forward to teaching some classes! They don't do a whole lot over the summer but the owner is excited to try some classes and see how it works out. They are awaiting a large Ranger order so once it arrives, I am hoping to schedule my very first class! The gals there have been super nice and I look forward to getting to know them some more!

Secondly, I had the most amazing opportunity this Monday evening....with....hold your breath..... HEIDI SWAPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heidi was the very first person that I came to recognize when I took the jump from card-making to scrapping and so this night was extremely exciting for me. I am so happy to read on her blog that she is really wanting to get back into teaching at small LSSes....what a great opportunity!

I could hardly believe it..... I had read a while back that she was coming to town t0 do an all day class but knew that the $250 fee was way beyond my reach so decided I would just have to settle with trying to scope her out at the big mall (notice I didn't say stalk!!). However, the scrappy gods shined upon me and offered Alissa at A PILE OF SCRAP the opportunity to attend a retailer's event with Heidi and since she is on the other side of the country, she was ever so gracious enough to allow me to go to represent her store.

It was an amazing evening. Heidi is so many things - a great teacher, a motivational speaker, funny, honest, genuine....I could go on and We got a whack load of goodies and spent the night doing these 5 different layouts (The following pictures are sooooooooo not the best quality but I was really wanting to share them with the girls on the forum so they will have to do for now!) :
The original background paper is the green with white circles. We laid the large star mask over it and then the floral mini mask over that and this is the finished product. The alphabet stamp sets are amazing...and I am hoping to add it to my collection soon!

2nd Layout
This one started out as the orange paper with white circles. The "This is Fun" is a sticker that was inked over top and the clocks are a stamp set. The stars and the orange circle behind it are all made by the masks. And that alphabet stamp set again......lovin it!!

Third Layout
This one is done with the Invisible Paper and the Mega Mask. This one was a lot more about blending the inks. The chipboard piece is also from the Invisibles...they are beautiful!!! The lighting on this picture is so horrible so my big apologies!

Fourth Layout
This one was so Tim Holtzish to me!!! There was a bit more of the original layout down on the right hand side but we ran out of time. This layout is so not really my style but I absolutely love it!!! Heidi told some really good stories about her and Tim Holtz, I only wish I could remember them all!

Fifth Layout
This started out as a white piece of the Swiss Dot Paper.....she totally taught us how to completely change a single white piece of paper!! It was so fun, I wish I had gotten a picture of my hands by the end of the night!! The birdie , LAUGHTER and ENJOY are HS Stickers the FUN is HS chipboard and that nice little scribble is Heidi's lovely signature!! She was so darn gracious....I had explained the whole situation about the store being on the other side of the country so she even signed this chipboard for them!! I LOVE the "wink"!!
And last picture....the one that I think I will probably scrap on that 5th layout....
Wow huh?!!! I even wore a pink shirt for the occasion! If anyone out there knows how to Photoshop out my lovely double chin, have at it!!
They gave us enough goodies to come home and make all the layouts again so my plan is to redo them and send them out to A PILE OF SCRAP so that the gals out there can enjoy it just as much as I did!! If only I could fly with would be a fun night all over again!


  1. So happy you enjoyed the evening!!!!! Really excited that you have discovered your blog again!!woot


  2. I love those layouts! And what a great time you must have had with Heidi! Im sooooo jealous hehehe

    Have a Blessed evening and Happy Scrappin!