Thursday, June 25, 2009

One More Day

Yeehaw!!!! One more day till school is out! I cannot believe how busy life got this month. It honestly feels like it was just June 1st and here it is almost over! I spent last night frantically making teacher gifts so they are ready to take to school tomorrow - God bless my girlfriend Tanis who got me in gear and had me over to her house last night where we made some beautiful cards! I will try to post tomorrow as the pictures are somewhere other than my regular folder!!
Other than that, lots going on - school projects, school parties, birthday parties (galore!!), and a brand new Design Team at APOS! I would love to tell you all about each of the talented ladies but have decided that tonight shall be the night that I make it to bed before 1 am! So instead, I shall send you off to check out their blogs: Cheryl, Valerie, Vicky, Jen and Candace (and am happy to tell you that Jerusha and Deedee are still with us!!) . I am hoping for an energy building weekend - finally one weekend where I can relax....I may even treat me to a pedicure!!!! Hope your week has been fabulous and your weekend is even better!


  1. Hey, I just stumbled on your blog & thought I'd say "hi". That's so awesome that you were able to see Heidi Swapp last month!! It sounds like it was a fabulous time! :)