Friday, February 13, 2009

Gotta GetEr Done!

Eek..take some time off and watch my piles of stuff to do GROW!! It is a long weekend here and I am really hoping to get some stuff done. I spent 2 hours last night finishing up my son's Valentines for school and forgot to take a picture :( Darn...they really did turn out cute... Would it be wrong to pack up all the other kids and drive to his school just to get a picture of them? I never realized that I had a obsessive side to me before I delved into scrapping...but there it is. So let's see what I am obsessed with right now:
Pinky's Blog - this girl is so talented...I can't believe she hasn't been scrapping for very long. Go and read her blog and you will be addicted too!
Scrap Time - I love how Christine highlights everything and anything... and she is Canadian so that's always a bonus!
Speaking of Canadian - Scrapbook and Cards Today - I love this magazine and their blog!
Lain Ehmann - I have been following her blog for quite a while but didn't realize exactly who she was until recently - she worked for Simple Scrapbooks until their demise :( and is the author of that little scrapping book you have seen called "Snippets" - She is a fabulous writer and
And my last obsession is that little pink box over there on the right called a FEEDJIT. It tells me where my blog visitors come from. Someone from Murfreesboro (sorry if I spelled that wrong) keeps popping in and I wanna know if she has a blog. Yesterday, someone from Campbell River came by and I was so excited to see someone from close to home I almost peed!!! I love looking at it....but would be more excited if it could show me who they were!
Well I think I need to hustle off and attempt to start on my pile - wishing you and yours all a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

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