Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am not an artist... or am I?!

So after reading the title, you are probably wondering what on earth this picture has to do with it? Well.... it's a little something like this....

When I first started scrapping, I was a matchy-matchy/everything must be perfectly straight kinda girl. Looking back at those layouts, I still love them but boy are they different from my style now! I don't find that I have a dedicated style but I truly do enjoy pulling out the ink and the mist and playing with messy stuff until I am happy. Some people seem to think I am crazy when I do it.....but meeting Liz Hicks at a retailer's event made me realize that it is okay. Perfectly okay.

And thenI was scrapping last week with some ladies who love to cut stuff out - which I detest doing - and it made me think about it even more. I detest cutting out because it is meticulous and time-consuming....although I think it is pretty, I just don't like it....which is kind of funny as I will spend hours sanding and painting and misting and inking and love the process. The messier the better for me! I have always said that I am not an artist - I could not draw to save my life - but I think I am finding more and more that I love the artistic side of scrapbooking. The part where I long to create something that looks totally different every time and it excites me even more when it turns out how I pictured it in my head.

And then this morning I read Stephanie's post today and it hit home even more for me - how it won't matter 10 years from now if I used the same colour mist on projects, or if it was the latest and greatest punch or whatever....I am simply striving to preserve my memories. And maybe they aren't all happy memories either - like the few layouts that I did for LOAD that I am too afraid to share with others. But I am feeling that it is time for me to create MY album - one for that has sad and happy memories. One that I keep for me. Because I sure feel like a weight has been lifted after doing one of those scarier layouts - it is an incredible release this scrapbooking thing. Then I read what Pinky posted this morning that is gut-wrenchingly honest layout ....... it brought me to tears - for her bravery for doing the layout, not only posting it. If that isn't a creative release, I don't know what is.

So tonight I am going to clean up the scrappy place and pull out the ink and the mist and the scraper and the sandpaper and whatever other messy stuff I can find and CREATE! And I am going to totally enjoy the process!

Oh ... and if you're wondering why Liz's hands look like that? It's because she so kindly let us paint her hands with Tattered Angel's new Glimmer Glam so that she could "autograph" this for me! YOU ROCK LIZ!

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