Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Snow Day!

I woke up to a whole lotta snow this morning...was feeling a bit grumpy about the whole thing and decided to sneak away from the kids for a bit and check out my morning reads on the computer... and got an email that made my grumpies go away!
I got a publication call from Canadian Scrapbooker!!! Yippee!!!
Sooooooooo.... now the challenge is on to see if anyone can find the "out for publication" call on my blog! (hint... it's ORANGE!)
And to make it worth the search, how about a little prize?

I will give you all until Sunday evening to email me at with your answer AND something you love about snow! Then, leave me a comment here telling me that you have emailed me! (Please don't leave the answer in your comment and make it too easy for everyone else!!) All the answers will go into a draw for a fabulous prize that will include:
Marshmallow Glimmer Mist!
Flowers to play with the glimmer mist!
A distress ink pad!
something from your wish list!!!
Happy Hunting!


  1. can I play???? hehe

  2. Yay! I've sent you an email!

  3. I sent you email! Wish me luck! :D

  4. I just sent you my email!!!!

  5. Sent you my email! Congrats again.

  6. Congrats, Ice!! I took your challenge and sent you an e-mail.

  7. okay so i sent the email but forgot to leave a message here... duh

    congrats to you girlfriend.... i am thinking you know it won't be long and we will be referring to the magazine as Cori-Lyn Scrapbooker !!!

  8. Congrats again!!

    Just sent you my email!!

  9. Pam said: I found it. I am sending you an e-mail. Congrats!

  10. I sent you an email! Congrats again can't wait for the copy of the magazine to come out!

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