Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Yep. BUSY. No other excuses, no big story, just busy!
Tonight is my Christmas Party with the gals at the LSS - I am really looking forward to a nice night out, some good laughs and some great food! I left everything to the last minute as far as gifts go but I managed to get them done today so at least I won't go empty-handed! I am off this Saturday and am contemplating decorating....will let you know if I actually get it done! While I was avoiding gift-making last night, I did manage to get a Sketch of the Week done so I will share that with you as well as the gifts that I made for tonight - have a great week everyone!

First up, the SOTW:
And then the gifts... For those of you that don't know, I do a little candle and coaster business (check out my website that I finally updated a bit! ) so I decided to make a little penguin candle (I collect penguins so I thought I would share the love!)

I made a little coaster for the candles to sit on with one of my new stamp sets that I love!

And finally, a Hanukkah candle for my boss - I hope she likes it!

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