Thursday, May 7, 2009


I had this all ready to go on Tuesday but somehow forgot about it is Technique Thursday this week :)
This is a new technique with my ever-favourite ALCOHOL INKS!!! You will need:
Glossy Cardstock - photo paper will not work as glossy cardstock has a layer of clay in it so that the ink will not absorb into the paper
Alcohol Inks - the best part about them is that they dry almost immediately and the colours won't bleed into each other! Brights will work best with this technique.
Can of air -like the kind you use to clean your keyboard!!
Archival or Staz On Ink - to stamp over the bursts once they are done.

And you can create cool things like these:

Simply place a drop or two on at a time and hit it with a burst of air! Keep playing till you get the look you want and you have pretty cards or even a background for your scrap page!
The dragonfly card was done with 2 shades of brown, a slate and then a metallic copper. The copper is a bit harder to "blast" but was still fun! Make sure you have a craft sheet or at least newspaper underneath as it can get a wee bit messy!!! Have fun!


  1. How insanely cool is that?!?!? I really love it! The fact that you manage to create these works of art with three children running around is all part of the magic!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and thank you for visiting!


  2. absolutely gorgeous! love the colours. Will have to try it - does it only work with alcohol inks or can you still do it with dye reinkers? thank you for the lovely comment on my blog :)