Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10 THINGS TUESDAY - PreWinter Wish List

It has been miserably cold this week - we even saw our breath this morning!! And so, sadly I must admit that fall is on its way...but I am not yet ready to think of winter...other than the things that I want to get done before winter hits!

  1. Camp - we only managed to get 2 camping nights in this summer...not super successful ones at that but still, I must be a sucker for punishment as I want to try it one more time before I am ready to put the gear away for the rest of the year. However, I do need the weather to co-operate a teeny tiny bit.... anyone know how to do an Indian Summer dance??
  2. Clothing Clean Out - ugh.....I so do not enjoy this job but I am in serious need of a clean out of the kids clothes. This year, I will have Tuesday afternoons all to myself (!!!) so I am hoping to tackle that somehow.
  3. Declutter the Toyboxes/Downstairs - The kids are finally getting old enough that most of the toys can move to the upstairs level... but the job seems a bit overwhelming at times and I just need a swift kick in the rear to get it started!
  4. Paint Danika's room - in the softest shade of lime green.... the colour that I can't seem to find in any google searches! I have been wavering about doing it for the last 2 years but have decided this is the year!
  5. Get Grayson's Training Wheels Off ... again...because we weren't too successful the last time and somehow he suckered me into putting them back on again. And I really want to get some more good bike rides in!

  6. Win the Lottery - you know I had to put it in there...but if God is thinking that he can't grant me that until after winter hits, I'm good with that too!!
  7. Take down the blinds and put up curtains - grrrr I hate those stupid cheap blinds...a lot. I think Ikea is calling me!
  8. Family Pictures - did I just say that?? Hmmm...weird...I actually mean it! I think it is time to get pictures of the kids AND me..... honest!
  9. Find a Good Hiking Spot - there has to be one somewhere in the city? One that won't kill me or the kids but still be a challenge?? If you know of one, please tell me!
  10. Figure out Life - simple as that. Simple.... right?

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