Friday, July 2, 2010

And the other stuff too....

Hello, my name is Cori-Lyn and I am a blog addict.
I have been addicted for a while now.
And try as I might to not bookmark them, I just can't help myself.

I have 15 different categories for my bookmarked blogs - and I would tell you them but then you might get the idea that I was a little off my let's just leave those up to your imagination. But today, I thought I would share some of my favourite blogs...but the non-scrappy ones! But I will forewarn you....they may or may not induce some of the following emotions:
1. Laughing so hard that you spew your morning coffee all over your monitor.
2. Panic - as you whip your head around (and get self-induced whiplash) to make sure that no one catches you reading a very politically incorrect post. And perhaps also when your children walk in while you are reading the posts and you are doing your very best to cover up some of the words.
3. Self pity that you are not as amazing as some of these bloggers seem to be. But that may be quickly replaced by desire to be a better person ...
4. Warm fuzzies - these come often when reading posts about babies or pets or kids or..... okay, I will just say it, Nienie....... but then again, her blog is unlike any other... trust me on that... she is an amazing individual with an amazing blog.

So enjoy my links and leave me more if you would be so kind!

Ashley - I don' think she even knows that I read her blog....she is fairly new to blogging but dang she can write!! She is actually family - but they up and moved so I haven't seen her in ages and am loving reading her blog...but she needs to post some more pics because her baby is growing way too fast!

The Meanest Mom - okay, I think it is seriously funny that one day I will be able to tell my children that this name has been taken and they need a new one for me.... but besides that, I love the blog too!

BHJ - warning about language and humor....lots and lots of much so that when he shut his old blog down, I stalked everyone I could think of to find his new blog.....

Twins for the Twins - I stumbled across this one day...simply by clicking "Next Blog" at the top of a Blogger blog...and wow. A surrogate mom who had two sets of twins for the same family - her blog is nothing but honest and heartfelt and.... wow.

Filth Wizardry - okay, so this one is crafty...but for playschoolers and... crazy crafty. Check out the post about the Tinkerbell house!

Metro Dad - funny dad wit... He took a bit of a break but it is good to see him back.

Sleep Talkin Man - wWARNING that there are a LOT OF SWEAR WORDS in here.... I actually saw this couple on some morning talk show and couldn't believe my ears. This man is a sleep talker and his wife tapes him and OH MY!!!

Crazyland - isn't the name enough?!

Henry the Frog - So his blog description said this "A lucky father of four, living the dream. Making readers laugh or roll their eyes since 2004" and it sucked me in!

Nienie - I mentioned her earlier but need to remind you to go read - she is nothing but pure inspiration.

And this is a smattering of my bookmarks - hop on over, have a little read and let me know what you think!!!
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I will admit that I have a deep fear of all things scrapbook related. Seriously my wife has this Creative Memories thing in the craft room and it's like it's looking at me and wants to turn me into a collage on page 12. Anyway, your blog is clearly super-awesome anyway! Congrats on that!