Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Things Tuesday

Okay, so I am trying to get back into the blogging thing...and so I thought I would try to do up some regular stuff (other than SOTW) and have been seeing a lot of other bloggers post about things they love... And so Tuesday's posts shall be all about 10 things - this week it is things I am currently loving! Join in the fun and do a post like this - make sure you leave me a link!!

  1. Summer
I triple love summer - it is such a nice break in our routine and I love it. I am thankful this summer to be able to do this
as my one dayhome child usually arrives at about 930ish.... Although as a mom with 3 little ones, sleeping in never really happens but it sure feels good to lie in bed until I feel like getting up!

2. Starbucks Dark Cherry Mocha
Seriously yummy! I don't buy them all the time as they are $5.20 a pop but yummmmmmers!! Venti non-fat dark cherry mocha, less 1 pump (because it is a bit too sweet for me if not) , extra hot please - my daughter can recite this for me whenever I pull into the drive thru! And it doesn't help that there is one right beside Creative! Try it... trust me!

3. The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker
Downloading music the other night and suddenly remembered how much I loved this album back in the day - it has suddenly taken Miranda Lambert's place on most played on my Ipod right now. She Talks To Angels makes me crank it up!

4. Asiago and Artichoke Dip from Safeway
Heaven in a little tub! My kids eat it faster than I do but be wary as there is enough garlic to scare away all past and and future vampires but wowsers is it yummy. No picture for you as we ate it all and I don't know who makes it but you can find it in the deli section at Safeway.

5. Bath and Body Works Mango Mandarin lotion

I am a lotion girl to start with but once summer hits, it seems like I am putting it on non-stop. And this bottle is my new favourite. It's non greasy and it smells so good that my daughter actually thought licking it might be a good idea....which it wasn't.

6. Echo Park Paper - A Walk in the Park
Now I know that most of you that know me are wondering if this is the wrong picture...because its not my typical style of paper but I love this line. I have a deep love for polka dots and so I think it started there but yep, I am loving it. I did a sample layout for the store so may try and get a picture of it to share. Echo Park is a new company and I look forward to more good stuff to come!

7. Myxer
So what the heck is Myxer? Well, when I finally broke down and got a new cell phone, it came with all these cool things that it could do, but I had no idea how to do them! Well as it turns out, most of those things cost money and I am too cheap to pay for it.....so a little searching led me to Myxer - which lets me create and upload ringtones and I think some other cool stuff too that I haven't yet tried out. For now, Micheal Buble sings to me but the cool thing is I can change it whenever I feel like...for free!

8. Bubble Shooter

This one is a love/hate relationship... I love playing this crazy addicting game but hate that I have yet to win it! I can thank Alissa for getting me into this game...often times we will be "chatting" on the phone while we are both playing it. I am determined to beat it...and who cares if I lack sleep because of it?!

9. Playing in the Rain

The weather here has been miserable. Yesterday my son had a birthday party on the other side of town and we got absolutely drenched just running to and from the van. As we were heading home, I told the kids that once we got home, I would run in and get the camera and they could play out in the rain. Something about it just makes me feel like a kid again and gives me warm fuzzies on the inside. I will always love a good rainstorm and hopefully so will my kids!

10. Glee

Yep, I am a Gleek. Even though the show is on hiatus for the summer, I still get excited when I see it's coming on...and I am not normally a rerun girl. I have all 3 soundtracks on the Ipod and personally think that
(Long live the 80's)

And that is my 10 loves...what are yours?!


  1. loved reading through that! I'll try to get some faves of mine up for next Tuesday... :)

  2. thanks for the idea Cori-lyn. my blog has been updated too!

  3. Love this idea Cori-lyn!!!! I love dancing in the rain too! it's so much fun and it takes me way back to my childhood! I like that line of paper too! Thanks for the tip about Myxer, I've book marked it but I haven't got any music on my computer, so I'll have to work on fixing that up first!

  4. The black crowes rock, and Echo park rules. Great list!

  5. I have a blog award for you on my new craft blog. Here's the link: