Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The last 3 weeks

Have been a little busy around here....and so the first thing to get neglected is always the blog :( Sad but true.
I thought I would share a few pictures today to catch you up with what I've been up to and then try to get some regular blog goodies to share with you later this week (including some new techniques!).
So...... be prepared for the photo heavy post!

So we have been doing our fair share of this:

And then we had this to plan for

And then we have been doing our fair share of this too

Yep, the nice weather has hit!!!!! It was so beautiful here for the last two days - it made it hard to scrap and get my LOAD done. And if you have ever thought about doing LOAD in the past and thought you couldn't do it, I am so sorry that you missed out this round. There have been some AMAZING challenges put out by Lain that are making me step out of my inky/misted box and I am loving it!!!

I am a little sad that I don't know if I will be able to finish up because at the end of the month, I am doing this

and going here

So that I can learn how to colour!!!

Honest!! With these...

I am thrilled to be going out to take a Copic Marker certification course!!! I can't wait to learn all the cool tricks - have you seen what those puppies can do?!

And it is definitely a bonus to be going home - I won't make it to the Island but Vancouver is definitely part of my heart and home.

And to make it even cooler, I get to see a great friend that I haven't seen in way too long AND.... wait for it.....


Said friend has to work the first day I am there so I get to spend the day doing whatever it is that I wanna do!! No chasing kids, playing referee, making meals......nutthin!!

Although....... there is a brand new scrap store opening up very close to where I am staying... so I may go play for a bit there!

If you live in Vancouver, or have been recently, tell me what I need to add to my very long list of must-dos! I want to hear about the little things most people don't know about as I already have Granville Island and the Aquarium on the list!

And that, is my little update - hope you are all having a fabulous week!

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