Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SOTW Feb 1 - 7 2010

Well I had a rather productive weekend .... I LOVE ONLINE CROPS!
Over at A PILE OF SCRAP! we had a lot of fun - we went a little crazy and had an 80s theme which is always good for a laugh :) I managed to get 3 layouts, a card and a headband done (yep, a handband is considered a scrappy creation when you glimmer mist and glue flowers on it!!)
I have really been having difficulties getting a good shot of my work but I think that is because it is so late and I am in my dark room. A friend suggested a light from Costco so I am hoping I can pick one up and see if my results improve.
The SOTW is a super quick one (and I will prove it to you!) - just using your scraps and pulling out some rubons! I used to be rubon crazy but haven't used them in a while so decided this would be the week. That and a little suggestion from Lain to use my stash - because I was crazy enough to join LOAD again!
I have to tell you how much I enjoy LOAD - yesterday I was really not feeling well at all. I put the kids to bed and was going to crawl in bed myself but remembered that it was day 1 of LOAD and I wasn't giving up that easy. As I sat down at my scrap table, I remembered Lain's LOAD prompt about using our stash...so I pulled out the top 5 pieces in my scrap box, pulled up the SOTW on the puter and TADA...a layout in about 20 minutes which is a MAJOR miracle for me!
So day 1 down, 27 more to go!! If you are looking for a fun and really inspirational way to scrap, LOAD is where you should be!
Well I need to go and pack up some stuff as I pulled the kids out of school today so that we could use up our waterpark passes before they expire - have a great day!
And now, the SOTW:

And my quick and painless layout:

Sorry for the picture quality...but if you were skimming, I did explain it earlier ;)
Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. I love the title...er, um...I mean no title...What a great way to make use of some scraps, too! I especially love the bingo card! Too sweet! This is my favorite of your new posts, but they are all inspiring. Thanks for sharing!