Sunday, July 12, 2009


I tend to get these crazy ideas every so often....and I happened to get one last week. I haven't decided whether or not to jump on it yet so last night I took a small leap.


I see all these really cute little felt embellishments and I just think that rather than spending the money to have someone else make (AND ship) them to me, that I should just start creating them all on my own. Well, as luck would have it, we found this mystery strip of white felt in the toy box yesterday! I have no idea where it came from and I am hoping it isn't anything important because I cut it up last night and created this:
So now I have it in my head that I am going to create some felties! Other than birds (which YOU just know will be my first creation, what else do you think will be popular?) If you leave me a comment and tell me your top 3 "wants", I will send 2 lucky winners some! I made this card for Cheryl's challenge on the APOS forum - to hand stitch on a should go check out her cards!

And my other creation last night was for Candace's Tool Challenge which was to pull out the stamps! This is a shot of my son and his kindergarten teacher on their last day of school - he goes to French Immersion so that is why this is a french layout :)
I do have some awesome Kenny pics to post but want to save them until I scrap some of them....they are SO CLOSE AND SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!! sorry, got a little excited there!

Gotta go get in the parents are here for the weekend and are on their way for a visit! Enjoy what is left of your weekend :)


  1. I love those flowers...I wouls have to say flowers, butterflies and trees.

  2. Hmmm..I am going to say mushrooms, dragonflies and trees.

  3. I'm thinking flowers, butterflies, and cupcakes. A ladybug would be cute. Hearts with little designs on them. Initials would be neat.
    Great blog too. (fr. Tams)

  4. i would have to say butterfly, airplane and suitcase ... missusg

  5. I LOVE the felt embellishments!! What a great idea! :)
    I would say: a tree, a flower, and a mushroom!

  6. OOh that card is too cute! Thefelt flowers rock! I would say owls, mushrooms, and wings!

  7. Hey Icecheeks. I am totally loving your felties, but Girl, I LOVE the paper you made a few posts ago! OMG! That was gorgeous. I am totally stealing that. Take care my dear!

  8. Anything felt goes for me! These are adorable.