Monday, September 26, 2011

Sadly, summer has come to an end...

Yep, it's true, summer has come to an end.  We spent a fabulous 2 weeks on holidays in BC - Kamloops, the middle of nowhere, Whister, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  Each year, it get's harder and harder to leave "home" (what BC will always be to me even though I have lived here for 12+ years) and come back to Alberta.  I am not quite back into the swing of things but hoping this week will allow me to catch up on housecleaning and class prep!
So, without further adieu, please enjoy some of my favourite pictures from our holidays this year... and stay tuned for upcoming class details!

 Danika giving Grayson a smooch goodbye - the boys all went horseback riding while her and I hung out with this pretty little thing...

Her name was Mia and she was so sweet.  Danika fed her a carrot and they became the best of friends... she followed us everywhere!

 Pavilion Lake- the prettiest lake in the middle of nowhere.  They have these neat little formations in them that have NASA and UBC scratching their heads and studying them as they apparently represent some of the earliest life forms on ancient Earth.

 I wish I could tell you the name of this was a rest stop on the way to Whistler and it as stunningly beautiful.  But, I neglected to see a sign with the name of it... Google and I will let you know when we find it out!

 The three amigos as the same rest stop - the sun was glaringly bright, hence the squinty eyes, but still beautiful!

 Grayson riding his bike at the bike park in Whistler.  He learned how to ride without training wheels while on the trip and it's all I can do to get him to walk now as he wants to ride everywhere!

 The Olympic rings at night in Whistler.  We ventured down to the Village late one night for ice cream and it was crazy busy with a free concert going on but I still managed to sneak a picture!

 Spencer learned how to ride the quad this year at Mom and Dad's... all by himself... Momma got a little teary eyed realizing how fast he is growing up!  He only crashed once...into Grandpa's fence...but shhhhhhhhhh.. we didn't tell!

 Sunset in BC - do I need to say anything else?

My ever so serious Dad..... good thing he doesn't have a clue about blogs and such or I may just get in trouble for this one!

That's it for now... hope you all have a fabulous week!

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  1. So fun to see your photos and hear what you have been up to! We should meet at a park next week if the weather cooperates :)