Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Funnies with Grayson

This was a longggggggggg week.... but thankful that Friday is here and for once, I am not working at all this weekend and have nothing major on the agenda! Sleeping in shall be rewarded tomorrow methinks!

Thought I would share with you a few funny things that happened this week... It seems as though my kids are currently obsessed with a few things - Danika is obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake, Spencer is obsessed with music, and Grayson seems obsessed with asking me about things that I did or didn't do when I was little - things like "did you cry when you got needles when you were a kid?" or "did you watch this show when you were a kid?" ...and he was horrified to discover that I only had one channel as a child and really only watched Mr Dressup, Friendly Giant, Hockey Night in Canada, and Wonderful World of Disney (I did leave out Dallas as I wasn't sure how to explain that show just yet). But the best one came yesterday - a while back we were talking about how my mom had a rule that we all had to move out after high school graduation. Yep, we were given about a week and then she happily helped pack our stuff and sent on our merry way. It wasn't a mean thing, we knew it was coming for our entire last year at home... it was supposed to teach us independence. However, when Grayson found out about it, he was quite traumatized by it. He constantly asks if I will "kick him out" when he turns 18 and if so, where will he live and yadda yadda yadda. Normally I deal well with these questions...up until yesterday.... We were playing at a park waiting for 2 of the kids to get out of playschool. I was having a nice little chat with a Grandmother at the park when suddenly, across the field, Grayson yells

"Hey Mom? Did you play at this park when you were a kid?"
"No honey, remember I didn't live here??"
"Oh right.... well where did you live?"
"At Grandma and Grandpa's house... remember?"

And as soon as I said the words, I felt myself holding my breath because I KNEW he was gonna say it....
"Oh, that's right... you lived there until she kicked you out, right?"

As I scrambled to explain it to the friendly Grandmother I almost died of embarrassment...

The other thing Grayson is currently loving is cooking shows. I wish we had the Food Network but I can't bring myself to spend so much money on a few extra channels so we settle for the odd show on CBC. He will sit quietly with me and ask me all kinds of questions about what they are doing/cooking/burning etc. So the other night, when Hell's Kitchen came on, he was drawn right into it. Now please understand that I would not normally let my child ever watch this show but since the other kids were upstairs playing and it was just him and I, I thought it would be a good time to explain to him how Gordon Ramsey didn't treat people very nicely and also enjoy cooking at the same time.

After watching about 3 minutes of it, Grayson asked me if the tv was broken. A bit puzzled, I asked why -

"why does it keep beeping Momma?"...

oh that. Well... that would be because they are beeping all the bad words that the mean man keeps saying.
"Ohhhhhhhhh... like the S word???"

(the S word btw, is "stupid" and a banned word in our house"). Yes honey, like the S word.

I no sooner get that out of my mouth and suddenly, we hear Gordon screaming at one of the poor chefs "get out of my kitchen you JACKASS" Ack!!!!!!!!! No beeps!!!!!!!!!!!! I gasped and Grayson quickly asked what the word meant.

"It's very bad word G... a word we don't say. It's like calling someone the S word, only 10 times as bad!"
"Oh... okay Momma, I won't say it"

Now flash forward to the next morning while we are all running around in our morning routine and somehow or other, Spencer did something to annoy G. Just as dayhome mommy has come into drop off dayhome girl, Grayson shouts


I turn and look... ??? What Grayson???

(did my son suddenly develop Tourettes Syndrome overnight?!)

Before I could say a thing he quickly reminded me
"Remember when the mean cook said that on tv last night????"

Oh right.... jackPOT. Yep, I remember. But you aren't supposed to say ... ummm... jackPOT honey..... it's a bad word (seriously stifling hysterical laughter at this point).

Okay Momma, I won't say it.

So tell me.......... should I have corrected him?!

Hopefully that gave you a little giggle - have yourself a fabulous weekend1


  1. that is freakin hilarious!!!!! i so love kids! thank you so very much for sharing!

  2. Too funny!
    I think that "Jackpot" will now become my cuss word of choice.