Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm such a cheater? for those of you that don't know how crazy (aka dumb) I am, I signed up for LOAD with Lain. This means I need to do a layout a day and post it before midnight.... Right. This also means that my scrap area needs to be clean enough every day for me to sit down and do said layout. Right..... I was doing well with it......but then I had to get my class projects up at the LSS and well...that kinda blew the whole clean scrap area right outta the water....... so
I got a brilliant idea.... since I already do a sketch of the week using Photoshop, why not do a few digi-layouts?!

And so this is where I feel like a cheater.... but isn't cheating supposed to make things easier?! Because let me tell you, this didn't make things any easier for me! Sure, I can continue avoiding cleaning up the scrap area but man oh man does it make the process HARD! H...A...R...D!

I will blame this on two things:
1. I really like the texture of real-life scrapbooking. I like adding the layers and the ribbons and the buttons and the whatever else I can find. If I had time to download all the digi stuff, I know I could add a boatload but for right now, I have a few files and somehow they just aren't floating my boat as much as I would like.
2. I like techniques...a lot. I like grunging it up with ink... or spraying it with glimmer mist....or adding dimensional pearls...or (are you getting the idea yet?).

But, I shall persevere. The great thing about LOAD is it is getting me to scrap pictures that I have been meaning to get to and haven't. When I scrap in real life, there is always some sort of rush to get pictures developed and now I am going through old files and finding the ones that I loved but just never got around to developing. And the 0ther great thing? The inspiration! Not only from all the other scrapper's works, but their words AND Lain (and I think Tami too??) send out a great email every day to get me thinking and ready to create. I love it!

I love it so much, I may even be brave enough to do it again! (although feel free to ask me this at the end of the month!)

And without further chitty-chatty, here are the three digi layouts I have done so far - honest opinions welcome!


  1. Awesome job! 1st one is my fave! I kinda dig digital scrappin!

  2. I think I like the third one best. Nice work!