Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scrapping with the SOTW

I finally got the chance to play last night...although it really was a toss up between crawling into bed or scrapping but I am glad the scrapping won out!
Busy day yesterday as my ds had his birthday party - to the movies to watch Up (who knew it would be so sad/scary?) which I really enjoyed, then supper at Denny's (oooh...aaaahhhh..) and home for some cake and Wii.....ahhh the life of a 6 year old!
It was super hot yesterday and when we came out of the theatre, the skies were so dark and you could just tell something was in the air. We had to drive about half an hour to get to Denny's and you could feel the wind picking up and then the torrential rainstorms got a bit scary but when we got home and turned on the news, it was much worse than I was expecting - the local country festival in Camrose was hit hard by the storm, causing a death and a lot of hurt and scared people - thoughts and prayers to all of those affected. Summer storms always seem so cool to me...until such things like this and tornadoes hit :(
So after getting all the munchkins wound down and into bed, I turned on all the fans and scrapped.......quite muggy but I did manage to get one layout done using the Sketch of the Week:
All this done using only scraps from my scrap box......I am working hard on not being so matchy-matchy and like how it came out! And did you notice more of my new felties? More on that to come soon.........
Oh and I wanted to thank Sarah for playing along - go check out her blog and see what she did with the sketch!

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